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Company Of Heroes - Eastern Front Updated

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blackbishop informed us that the Eastern Front Development Team has released an updated 1.71 version of the mod on their website, this fixes various issues found in the 1.70 update of the mod.

  • Quote blackbishop :
    The new version has been released! It has been 11 months of development and we have a a lot of changes coming, we also have a couple of new members: DMz and Beefy^ which will help us on the soviet and ostheer fronts of the mod. Now, for some details of what the patch contains:

  • Fixed sync error that occurred when 2+ human players was playing with 1+ AI player.
  • Fixed KV-1's accuracy at medium - long ranges, they were swapped.
  • Strelky AT grenade now requires armoury to be built only once.
  • Fixed Guard's Description.
  • Fixed Cromwell smoke barrage ability.
  • Fixed Calliope Command Points requirement.

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Eastern Front


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