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Planetary Annihilation - Missile Command

Oct 12 2014 01:10 PM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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wondible released his mod "Missile Command" for Planetary Annihilation.

Quote wondible :
The Missile Command window can be toggled from the option bar. It will auto open when the first nuke is built, and hide when the game is over. Nuke launchers will be registered when they are built. If you have a crash or otherwise miss an event, selecting a launcher will notice it. (The all button should find unregistered nukes)

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Missile Command

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Banished - Sawmill

Sep 26 2014 06:30 AM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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rageingnonsense released his mod "Sawmill" for Banished.

Quote rageingnonsense :
This adds a sawmill building which is a more efficient replacement for the woodcutter yard. It allows up to three woodcutters, and woodcutters will produce twice as fast when working from here*. It is meant to be a tier 2 type building that is not easily built until you have your basic town infrastructure up.

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XCOM - Mission CodeNames Overhaul

May 20 2014 07:55 PM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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Ulfius has submitted his Mission CodeNames Overhaul for XCOM - Enemy Unknown.

Quote Ulfius :
While the original Mission names Like Vengeful Vengeance and Purple Scepter are admittedly pure gold, this file modifies the Mission/ Operation names to be significantly more epic. Now you can embark on missions with names like Operation Swift Bastion, Shattered Lance, Watchful Hero, Enduring Aegis, Ashen Herald and Sanguine Halo. Yes, behold. Missions on which your rookies will feel honored to get heroically mangled to pulp. Missions they will be proud to have displayed alongside their names for all time on the wall of blame. The council has spoken, go forth and die properly!

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Mission CodeNames Overhaul

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Prison Architect - Romanian Translation

Dec 23 2013 04:59 PM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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YellowSpy has released an update of his Prison Architect Romanian Translation for Prison Architect.

Quote YellowSpy :
A Romanian translation for Prison Architect. Note that some words are not translated as they are coded in English.

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Prison Architect Romanian Translation

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Total War: Rome II - Playable Factions and Cust...

Sep 22 2013 05:00 AM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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izanagi11 has released his Playable Factions and Custom Battle's for Total War: Rome II.

Quote izanagi11 :
This mod makes every faction in Total War: Rome II playable in both the campaign and custom battle modes.

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Playable Factions and Custom Battle's

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Company of Heroes - Eastern Front Update

Sep 16 2013 12:45 PM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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blackbishop informed us that the EFDF team have released an update for Eastern Front on our forums.

Quote blackbishop :
Hello comrades! The patch 2.200 was just released! After working on the feedback brought by players and balancers, we have done many changes on Eastern Front mod, hopefully they would make balance better. For further information about what was changed.

We also want to inform you about the foreign faction reward thingy. After discussing the idea, we decided to not create a foreign reward faction, because it would involve a lot of balance work, and we don't have the time nor the crew to pull this out. But do not despair, because Ostheer and Soviets are getting a big surprise!

Ostheer will get access to three reward doctrines, featuring unique units and abilities, one of them will be completely based around the foreign support. This means Ostheer will not have any reward unit, but three reward doctrines and the Sturmtiger will be relocated into one reward doctrine.

Posted Image
Eastern Front Patch Pack

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Shogun II Total War: Darthmod Shogun II

Sep 12 2013 08:34 PM | VIPER in Strategy News

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DARTH VADER has released a new update 5.0 "Finale Edition" for his total conversion shogun II darthmod.

The DarthMod series of mods continues to improve the AI and gameplay of Total War games. As always, the mod’s main scope is to destroy the “weak” arcade factors and replace them with realistic features. Witness now Total War: Shogun 2 as you have ever wanted.

Changes in this version:

  • Units should no longer get stuck in fort doors (a bug that you have reported many times).
  • Crew in some ships should not get stuck and now should man all the cannons.
  • Several fine tunes in melee mechanics and synchronizations.
  • Charges more effective and penetrating.
  • Formation fixes.
  • Morale more dynamic, cavalry charges more decisive.
  • Overall an even more realistic and challenging battle experience with correct balance of melee lethality.
  • Better AI line firing positioning.
  • Diplomacy more active affecting positively the trade agreements between clans.
  • CAI even more effective and active overall.
  • Land and Naval Autocalc improvements.
  • CAI should now build more Ashigaru.
  • CAI should build now less Bow Kobaya and more Heavy ships.
  • Ships going to border of the maps (dreaded bug) should be much less frequent or non existent.
  • Square and mass fire removed because they created unbalance and AI never used them right.
  • Launcher version changes:
  • Removed outdated submods: (Superghostboy mod, Ftmch Retexture mod, Unit Variety, Toon's Bows).
  • Added new popular mods after much popular request with the kind permission of their authors. They are the following:
  • "Vastator Unit Style 1.3". A more unit variety type mod by =Vastator=
  • Alternative Clan Colours by Demokritos
  • NOIF's Boshin War Mod (NoBWN) - HISTORICAL FLAGS, BANNERS & UNIFORMS by ♔Noif de Bodemloze♔
  • NOIF's Modern Japan Army Mod by ♔Noif de Bodemloze♔
  • Noif's Bows by ♔Noif de Bodemloze♔
  • Bullgod's Daimyos and Generals mod by BullGod
  • BullGod Tercio by BullGod
  • As mentioned before Shogun 2 & Fall of the Samurai Retexture & Performance Project by Superghostboy is no longer available as an option because it was not possible to prevent potential problems to users. However it is a highly recommended mod which you should try by manually installing.
To see the full changelog please visit the download page.

Posted Image

Darthmod Shogun II

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Rome II launch issues are "Unacceptable"

Sep 11 2013 03:29 PM | Kilbur in Strategy News

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A week after Rome II's release the creative director for the Total War series, Mike Simpson, has issued a statement apologising for the game's poor launch.

On its release Rome II suffered from dreadful optimisation, poor AI as well graphical errors. Some 2% of all people who pre ordered were also unable to launch the game. As a result of this, Simpson took to the Total War forums to apologise "Rome II is a big and complex game and, especially on PC, we are always conscious of the wide variety of different combinations of hardware out there and, while we do test extensively before launch, it is clear that we have failed some of you and we will look at the way in which launch games in the future"

He furthered his comments saying that all issues will hopefully be fixed in upcoming patches “Again, I know this is scant comfort to you if you have a set-up that is not performing well, but we do intend to fix your specific problem—whoever you are and whatever it is—as soon as we can.”

Of course all this does little to comfort the record number of people including myself who pre ordered Rome II and wished to play a working game on release, but I hope that they can solve the many problems that remain, though as for other issues such as the AI and graphics, well quite frankly they seem beyond repair.

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Total War: Rome II

Sep 02 2013 11:49 PM | VIPER in Strategy News

Monzta has released a pre-review to the new and upcoming game to the Total War series.

Total War: ROME II

Bigger, faster and higher is the motto of games these days and Rome II Total War is a good example of this. Now I will tell you more about the game and what to expect from it..

Most people buying this game have conquered Europe in many different ages, Japan, parts of Asia, America and parts of Africa. Fighting land, siege and naval battles with bows, cannons, swords, pikes, spears and shields in castles, fortresses, towns or on various battlefields. With Rome II a new era will be launched with combined land and sea battles, various units and epic graphics.

Please click Read Story to hear the rest of the review.

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Men of War AS - Normand Unit Pack - Valour

Aug 28 2013 03:21 PM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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Normand released an update of his Normand Unit Pack - Valour for Men of War Assault Squad.

Quote Normand :
The addition to the game "Men of War : Assault Squad", adds new models for the various parties of the conflict, depending on the period of the war, change the game interface. In this update ive added 9 more units to the pack and also the British Army which im starting on and will have more units for them soon.

Posted Image
Normand Unit Pack - Valour

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