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Prison Architect - Prisoners of War Regular Edi...

Mar 10 2015 03:12 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Condor released his mod "Prisoners of War - Regular Edition" for Prison Architect.

Quote Condor:
Allied P.O.W.s plan their escape from a German camp during World War II. It is your job to stop them. It might be the end of the war for them, but for you it is just the beginning. This is a visual, graphics and sound modification for the game with a few gameplay changes.

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Prisoners of War - Regular Edition

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Prison Architect - Papers Please Mod

Mar 02 2015 02:44 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Macoron & ksivte released his mod "Papers Please Mod" for Prison Architect.

Quote Macoron & ksivte:
Glory to Arstotzka! In this mod you are director of glorious Arstotzkan prison. Make prisoners collaborate with Ministry of Information and work hard for the glorious motherland. Based on game "Papers, Please!" by Lucas Pope. Thank him for this great game, all original graphic belong to him. This mod under development, currently it's mostly retexture. Maybe I will add more gameplay changes later. Feel free to give some ideas in the comments.

Posted Image

Papers Please Mod

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Prison Architect - Prison Architect HD

Mar 02 2015 02:37 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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[KP] HoffmanPL released his mod "Prison Architect HD" for Prison Architect.

Quote [KP] HoffmanPL:
I welcome you very warmly, I would like to present My by modification through which the game will become even more interest. We would also invite you to comment, because I do it for you, and your opinion is important to me! If you want to see something changed/implemented, please leave a comment below in a constructive fashion and if a lot of you agree on the idea/issue I will make it happen. Thank you ! Please, don't forget to rate.

Posted Image

Prison Architect HD

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Barbarians have arrived in Medieval Engineers!

Feb 25 2015 01:56 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

Barbarians have arrived in Medieval Engineers!

Barbarians are the first prototype of artificial intelligence (AI) in our engineering games. Please don’t confuse this with our other super-secret AI project - that’s a completely different thing and it’s being developed by a different team and we will announce it later this year.

From the change log: This is our first A.I. prototype and is still a work-in-progress. Barbarians will wander around the map seeking King Statues to destroy. Currently, since only creative mode is available, the player cannot be killed by them, so barbarians will just follow the character around the map. When they're close to a King Statue - which is automatically spawned in the world or can be placed by the player - they will destroy it; they will also destroy any building that is blocking their way. Barbarians can be killed by setting traps; for example when a tower falls on them, when they fall from a cliff, or when a catapult ball hits them, etc. We've also added a few more types of catch blocks and round timber blocks. The new catch blocks should be more user-friendly as until now it was hard to attach something to them; there is also a variant which can be safely attached to walls.

The barbarian’s AI in its current state isn't very complex, they just have a basic level of behavior; the path-finding still doesn't recognize complex paths (e.g. it completely avoids compound blocks because they are geometrically much harder to describe than the regular blocks); and the path-finding doesn't search over long distances as that would stress out our terrain LOD algorithm (which would require calculating the highest LOD levels over the entire map). These are some of the things we will be solving in the next couple of weeks.

Space Engineers will receive an AI system later. The reason for this is that the environment in Space Engineers is much more complex. It’s probably the most AI unfriendly environment you can imagine (completely dynamic; gravity vector can change at any time and location; the AI is supposed to use a jet-pack as well as walking; the AI should be able to navigate through ship corridors then jump onto another ship, pilot it, etc.). I am not promising this all will get implemented; I am just trying to illustrate the difficulties involved.

The actual development of Medieval Engineers at the moment is focusing mostly on stabilizing hard-ware (HW) compatibility issues. Unfortunately the first version wasn't 100% flawless even after we tested it on all possible HW configurations, hired a dedicated testing facility to test it on even more configurations and then let players to “beta-test” it during 24-hour pre-launch window).

Once the things above are solved, we will jump right on to the two most important areas: multi-player and survival mode for Medieval Engineers.

BTW, the simple version of survival mode will be released sooner than full survival mode and it will include: death/re-spawn, slow construction, and no-levitation. Full survival will add: resource management and inventory, material harvesting and processing, and tools using.

Source: Marek Rosa Dev Blog.

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GTA 5 delayed again on PC

Feb 25 2015 01:22 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

Posted Image

Grand Theft Auto 5's release date has been rejigged from March 24 to April 14 according to a new update on Rockstar's Newswire. That's the second delay in six weeks. "Our apologies to PC gamers worldwide who have been counting down the days until the launch of the game," says the official statement, "but a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC." It sounds like we should expect a few bugs and connection issues when the game finally appears. "As always, we ask for the GTA PC community’s understanding and assistance in helping to report any concerns during the early days of launch when those inevitable initial teething issues arise on the new platform."

Source: PC Gamer.

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RimWorld - CentralHeatingMod

Jan 14 2015 12:35 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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carlgraves released his mod "CentralHeatingMod" for RimWorld.

Quote carlgraves:
This mod adds ways for your colonists to efficiently and centrally heat their homes and workplaces. Use the cost-effective vents to plumb hot/cold air between rooms. Build larger industrial heaters to better manage all of your heating needs.

Posted Image


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RimWorld - IceSheet (Ice Biome Now With Water W...

Jan 09 2015 09:58 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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iame6162013 has submitted his mod "IceSheet (Ice Biome Now With Water World)" for RimWorld

Quote iame6162013:
Just a small mod to enable the IceSheet Biome hmmm (and add some ice floor (spawn only...) to make it nice and white!).

Posted Image

IceSheet (Ice Biome Now With Water World)

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Prison Architect - Women's Prison

Dec 06 2014 11:05 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Floccinaucinihilipilification has submitted his mod "Women's Prison" for Prison Architect.

Quote Floccinaucinihilipilification:
You've kept the country's most dangerous men behind bars - now bring justice to the other half of the population! This mod turns your prison into an institution for the often inaptly-named fairer sex.

Posted Image

Women's Prison

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Door Kickers - Volatile Rapture & Weapons C...

Oct 29 2014 09:47 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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machine has submitted his mod "Volatile Rapture & Weapons Cache" for Door Kickers.

Quote machine :
Adds two custom maps: Volatile Rapture and Weapons Cache.

Posted Image
Volatile Rapture & Weapons Cache

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Our most wanted mods for GTA 5

Oct 28 2014 03:00 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Our most wanted mods for GTA 5

Consoles vs. PCs: it's an argument that's gone on for ages and won't end anytime soon. While it's clear the winner depends on your personal tastes (or, like many of us, you enjoy the merits of both), there's one area, at least, in which the PC is indisputably more giving: mods.

Creative gamers, coders, and programmers routinely take games into their own hands to tweak, change, and improve them. They fiddle with gameplay elements, restore missing features, and come up with their own custom content. Good mods can dramatically extend the lifespan of a game and keep you playing far longer than the vanilla game ever would.

With the PC release of Rockstar's mega-hit GTA 5 growing ever closer, We've had a preemptive ponder about what sorts of mods we want when it finally arrives. Here are nine mods we hope to see when GTA 5 hits PC.

Read our whole article by pressing the "read story".

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