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Door Kickers - Volatile Rapture & Weapons C...

Oct 29 2014 09:47 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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machine has submitted his mod "Volatile Rapture & Weapons Cache" for Door Kickers.

Quote machine :
Adds two custom maps: Volatile Rapture and Weapons Cache.

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Volatile Rapture & Weapons Cache

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Our most wanted mods for GTA 5

Oct 28 2014 03:00 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Our most wanted mods for GTA 5

Consoles vs. PCs: it's an argument that's gone on for ages and won't end anytime soon. While it's clear the winner depends on your personal tastes (or, like many of us, you enjoy the merits of both), there's one area, at least, in which the PC is indisputably more giving: mods.

Creative gamers, coders, and programmers routinely take games into their own hands to tweak, change, and improve them. They fiddle with gameplay elements, restore missing features, and come up with their own custom content. Good mods can dramatically extend the lifespan of a game and keep you playing far longer than the vanilla game ever would.

With the PC release of Rockstar's mega-hit GTA 5 growing ever closer, We've had a preemptive ponder about what sorts of mods we want when it finally arrives. Here are nine mods we hope to see when GTA 5 hits PC.

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Door Kickers - Bullet Wounds Enhanced Edition

Oct 26 2014 10:23 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Red Panda has submitted his mod "Bullet Wounds Enhanced Edition " for Door Kickers.

Quote Red Panda :
Removes chalk outline and adds animated bullet wounds to the death animations. I have taken the decision not too edit bullet wounds on to the troopers which will allow you to use other uniform mods without conflict.

Posted Image
Bullet Wounds Enhanced Edition

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Door Kickers - Long Barrel Weapon Pack

Oct 26 2014 08:44 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Red Panda has submitted his mod "Long Barrel Weapon Pack" for Door Kickers.

Quote Red Panda :
A collection of long barrel rifles and shotguns for your shooting pleasure.

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Long Barrel Weapon Pack

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Skyrim - Sword of the Seeker

Oct 25 2014 10:40 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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FavoredSoul has submitted his mod "Sword of the Seeker" for Skyrim.

Quote FavoredSoul :
This is my remastered, standalone version or Richard Rahl's Sword of Truth. Artwork based on the television series Legend of the Seeker.

Posted Image
Sword of the Seeker

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RimWorld - Project Armory Updated

Oct 21 2014 11:14 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Evul has released an update of his Project Armory for RimWorld on the Ludeon forums.

Quote Evul :
RimWorld, Project Armory for alpha 7 is finally here! The mayor thing in this update is that the mod is now ported to RimWorld Alpha 7. But there are also some small changes and balancing fixes.

Posted Image
Project Armory 2.1.5

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Space Engineers Update V01.051 Released

Oct 11 2014 09:55 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

Summary - adding new asteroids in creative mode is now possible in Space Engineer. Players can select the asteroid type, materials and then place it into the world. Another new addition is the scrap metal items. When a component, either floating object or in block, is damaged, it is turned into scrap metal (the percentage of scrap metal is random). Scrap metal can be melted in the refineries to create iron ingots. Also, remote turret control has been added; players are now able to control turrets directly

Read our whole article by pressing the "read story" button and do not forget to check out our growing list of Space Engineers mods.

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Prison Architect - Star Wars Imperial Architect

Oct 11 2014 03:17 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Vector has submitted his mod "Star Wars Imperial Architect" for Prison Architect.

Quote Vector :
Imperial Architect is a fan made Star Wars conversion mod of the original Prison Architect Game. Currently the Imperial Architect mod like the original Prison Architect game is still under development and therefore will be receiving regular updates in order to keep the mod up to date with the current version of Prison Architect.

Posted Image
Star Wars Imperial Architect

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Skyrim - Soul Collector

Sep 16 2014 09:21 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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NewerMind43 has submitted his mod "Soul Collector" for Skyrim.

Quote NewerMind43 :
Finally,after many hour of work with textures (a tons color variations), I've finished this mod, hope you like it and please do give your feedback. Also for your information the material is leather and you can find it located at the Ritual Stone.

Posted Image
Soul Collector

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State of Decay - Community Mod for Breakdown

Sep 16 2014 09:21 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Haydn Scarlett has submitted his mod "Community Mod for Breakdown " for State of Decay.

Quote Haydn Scarlett :
Includes my undead labs characters tribute which adds all lifeline characters plus 60 custom characters and about 60 undead labs forum members. Bedrooms now count as sleeping 24 people. +8 beds on three person rotation. Outposts now have beds for four people out in the field each and are upgradable to manned outpost which you can rent out for supplies aswell as make radio options available for surgery, vehicles and artillery.

Posted Image
Community Mod for Breakdown

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