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Minecraft 'Bountiful' Update

Sep 02 2014 02:47 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

Minecraft 'Bountiful' update adds bunnies, mutton and underwater dungeons

We basically live in Minecraft now, so in a sense, Britain is about to be flooded with new underwater block types, cute wickle bunny rabbits, less cute killer bunny rabbits, and mutton by the blockload. Which is to say: Minecraft has a big ol' update launching today, featuring quite a few changes and a lot of added content, including those things I just said, a bunch of new world types and more.

Once again, this latest patch has "removed Herobrine" from the game, but in HB's place is a new slime block, new types of stone and dirt, collectible mutton that appears when you kill sheep, a new spectator game mode and 'Customized' world type, "lots and lots of other changes", and "LOTS AND LOTS of other changes"—there really are quite a lot of changes. The most exciting new stuff is probably all the underwater content: Guardian and Ender Guardian enemies, Prismarine and Sea Lanterns blocks, and the Ocean Monument itself. Oh, and who could forget the cast of Watership Down?

Please Click here or press Read More to see the full changelog plus more about the 1.8 update and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Skyrim - Dawnguard Hoods

Sep 02 2014 08:58 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Adinirth has submitted his mod "Dawnguard Hoods" for Skyrim.

Quote Adinirth :
So, the Dawnguard Light Helmet looks horrible, atleast in my opinion. This mod simply adds an alternative, or a replacement. If the non replacement option is chosen, the two hoods can be bought from Gunmar. They have stats similar to their light and heavy helmet counterparts. If the replacement option is used, the light Dawnguard helmet is replaced with the hood, and the hoods are added to Gunmar's stock, as with the none replacer.

Posted Image
Dawnguard Hoods

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GTA IV - WatchDogsIV

Aug 30 2014 07:30 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

Grand Theft Aiden: The WatchDogsIV Mod

I’m eternally surprised by what modders manage to do with Grand Theft Auto IV, especially as Rockstar never released official mod tools. Modders needed to build tools before they could build mods, a bit like Minecraft–only you end up with high-fidelity murder rather than a monolithic phallus.

The latest wonder rising from GTA 4 borrows an awful lot from another open-world murder simulator: Watch Dogs. Mass-murderer-with-a-heart-of-gold Aiden Pearce is now hacking Liberty City with his magical telephone, popping barriers out the ground, riding trains, spying through cameras, screwing with traffic lights, and generally hacking the planet. It’s a remarkable feat.

The creators of the WatchDogsIV mod say it’s “inspired by” Ubisoft’s game but insist it’s “not a copy,” but it does borrow an awful lot (assets included, it seems). You can overload the power grid to cause a blackout, make ATMs spray money to draw crowds that’ll inevitably start fighting each other, burst lights, futz with traffic lights to cause pile-ups, set off car alarms–you know, Watch Underscore Dogs stuff. But in a different game with a different simulation, where this won’t all work entirely the same. Also you get to be Captain Boringpants and hit men with sticks and do that whole ‘pulling your mask up’ thing.

Combine it with a fancy graphics mod or two and lawks, you’ll have yourself a right treat of murder and datacrime for the weekend! Download it from the link below.

Posted Image

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Skyrim - The Huntsman

Aug 29 2014 04:06 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

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InsanitySorrow has released his The Huntsman for Skyrim.

Quote InsanitySorrow :
The Huntsman is a Unique Bow designed to be the perfect companion for Hunters. The Huntsman is no ordinary bow, aside from it's Unique appearance it has the option of being Upgraded with Upgrade Kits that not only change the stats but also change the appearance. The Huntsman also levels up with the player so it should never become useless.

Posted Image
The Huntsman

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Shadowrun Returns - Antumbra

Aug 25 2014 09:02 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Cirion has released his Antumbra Mission for Shadowrun Returns.

Quote Cirion :
This is a short but intense mission aimed at new characters. You'll start with 42 Karma and a chunk of nuyen, but no gear. Be sure to buy some equipment before the shooting starts! No Matrix runs in this mission, sorry. There are a couple of optional Decking challenges, but Deckers are probably the hardest archetype to play. Samurai, Shaman, and Mage have received the most play testing and balancing so far.

Posted Image

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Skyrim - M'aiqs Of Skyrim

Aug 25 2014 08:15 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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TheCosmicRustle has released his M'aiqs Of Skyrim for Skyrim.

Quote TheCosmicRustle :
This mod adds 10 New unique followers based on Skyrim's most loved Khajiit, ranging from Warriors to Mages to Thieves.

Posted Image
M'aiqs Of Skyrim

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Starbound - NuclearBound 2

Aug 25 2014 07:52 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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ROFLCopter64bit has released his NuclearBound 2 for Starbound.

Quote ROFLCopter64bit :
What is NuclearBound 2? This mod completely reworks the way nuclear materials are treated in the game. No longer are they treated as a color swap to coal, they now have their own intricate system of extracting every last drop of energy. The whole system is based off real life, but tweaked for a game setting so it's fun, instead of dragging on forever.

Posted Image
NuclearBound 2

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GTA IV - Dodge Charger R/T 1969

Aug 18 2014 12:43 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

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YCA-G has submitted his Dodge Charger R/T 1969 for GTA IV.

Mod FAQ's :
If you are looking for more mods for this game then you can check out our downloads section. Also if you feel that you can give a better intro for this mod then please contact us.

Posted Image
Dodge Charger R/T 1969

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GTA IV - iCEnhancer 3.0

Jul 26 2014 12:02 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

iCELaGlacE has released an update of his iCEnhancer for GTA IV.

Quote iCELaGlacE :
Yes, GTA 5 will arrive on PC later this year. Don't start salivating over the inevitable graphics mods just yet, though: there's still a reason to appreciate the game's slightly older brother. That reason is iCEnhancer 3.0, the new release of the excellent Grand Theft Auto 4 mod. This version updates the ENB, upgrades multiple post-processing effects and improves the game's performance.

Posted Image
iCEnhancer 3.0

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Watch Dogs - TheWorse Mod

Jul 24 2014 04:38 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Federico Rojas has submitted an update of his TheWorse Mod for Watch Dogs.

Quote Federico Rojas :
This is the last release of my modification. I did my best to improve graphics and performance as much as I could without degrading the quality. I hope you guys enjoy the game.

The Worse Mod is a modification for Watch_Dogs created by Federico Rojas and enhanced with other mods made by MalDo i VAASa. The project activates numerous graphical options that were hidden by original developers, which can turn the game into something that closely resembles the demo shown during E3 in 2014.

Posted Image
TheWorse Mod 1.0

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