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ETS 2 - Beta for Holiday update - 1.15

Dec 06 2014 01:35 PM | DarkXess in General News

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Now Available: Beta for Holiday update - 1.15

The Holiday Update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now ready to enter beta testing on Steam. Detailed information on how to join the beta or register your copy on Steam can be found at the bottom of this post.

This update brings a several audio improvements mentioned in our previous blog posts as well as a couple of gameplay changes. Goal of this beta test is to spend a few days polishing the changes to ensure that our holiday update goes out smoothly.

For a majority of our players, it is of course wiser to stick with the official builds of the game that are properly tested before the release. But if you want to take a sneak peek at what's coming and help us in testing the update before release, your help is appreciated. In order to access beta, you must first activate your game on Steam - refer to our guide for a simple step-by-step procedure.

When you have your game activated on Steam, navigate to your Library and right click on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 then select properties from the menu. When properties window opens, select "BETAS" tab and from the drop down menu select "public_beta". After properties window is closed Steam will automatically start downloading the latest version of the update.

Read our whole article by pressing the "read story".

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Space Engineers Now Sold 1,000,000 Copies!

Oct 26 2014 09:35 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Space Engineers Now Sold 1,000,000 Copies!

Independent developer Keen Software House is proud to announce that their highly acclaimed space-based sandbox game, Space Engineers, has sold over 1,000,000 copies. The game was released in October 2013 on Steam Early Access and is celebrating this important milestone alongside its first year anniversary.

“We feel twice as happy with this achievement since it came on our first year anniversary since Space Engineers was launched to the public. This gives us double reasons to celebrate” said Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder of Keen Software House. “We want to devote this accomplishment to our fans, whose encouragement and active participation made this possible. They have been beside us all along, giving inspiration for new ideas and supporting us with their valuable feedback. It is a great thing to have such an amazing community like ours!”

Space Engineers, one year after it was released on Steam Early Access, has captured the attention of PC gamers around the world. Voted by the players as one of the best Indie games of 2013 (IndieDB Game of The Year Awards) and featuring an incredibly passionate fan base, Space Engineers has become one of the most popular Early Access games on Steam.

Read our whole article by pressing the "read story" button and do not forget to check out our growing list of Space Engineers mods.

Source: Space Engineers Official Site.

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Modsaholic Updates!

Oct 14 2014 06:57 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Modsaholic Updates!

Hey guys, just some new updates on stuff around here, first of all I would like to introduce to you our very own Bug Tracker (also accessed by the drop down services menu" for you the community to use for either reporting bugs to certain mods or for mod makers to use as finding the bugs in their mods reported by other members. Now I do have to stress that its in very early stages at the moment looking a bit bare and still under some tests and if you are wanting to give it a go then by all means do so. Unfortunately you will have to make a new account for it as at the moment it is not using combined accounts for here on the site too, apart from that everything else is fine.

If your a mod developer and want to use it then sign up and pm me your name and I will give you the "mod developer" access for more better usage for you the developer.

Not only that but we have also been hard at work with the HMM (Holic Mod Manager) which so far is coming along nicely, did I mention that it has steam support? also not only that but it works on all our mods and holic branded sites including Armaholic. The release date for this is still undecided as its still got work to be done and a lot of testing too. However if you would like to take part in alpha/beta testing then again - send me a pm and you will be contacted upon the time its ready to be publicly tested.

Of course with that we have other small updates and bug fixes in and around the site which you may or may not notice at all.

As always we here at Modsaholic are on the look out for staff wanting to help us out by posting daily news and download pages, so if your interested then either leave me a comment here or contact me via pm.

The Modsaholic Team

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Fable Anniversary News

Sep 12 2014 05:12 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Fable Anniversary will support modding with included Unreal Engine 3 editor

Fable Anniversary arrives on Steam on September 12, bringing with it improved graphics, Steam achievements, and a closet full of swanky outfits. But there may be even more than that to look forward to, as Lionhead has confirmed that it will also include support for player-created mods.

Users will be able to edit Fable Anniversary's art and animation with a version of the Unreal Engine 3 editor that will be included with the game. "This means that anything our artists and animators can do, the mod community will now be able to do," Producer Craig Oman told Eurogamer.

Unfortunately, the editor won't enable the addition of new content like quests or characters, but Oman added that "we are working with some of the modding community already as part of our beta testing and we will continue to do what we can to support them post-launch."

Fable Anniversary will also add a new "Heroic" difficult setting for experienced players, with increased enemy line of sight, reduced damage on ranged weapons, reduced player armor levels and no Resurrection Phials. Pre-purchases may be made now on Steam, which is offering a 20 percent discount on the regular $35 price until the game goes live.

Source: PC Gamer.

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Modsaholic Recent News & Updates!

Sep 06 2014 09:26 PM | DarkXess in General News

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Modsaholic Recent News & Updates!

The past few days you should of noticed some changes on our main site & forums. Some are mainly bug fixes and improvements while there has also been some enhancements to better your browsing experience while using our site.

With some new backgrounds added for your optional choice within your settings and also posting enhancements as well as new posting rules & changes to forum options.

Not only that but as you may see with the three images posted above in this news topic we are still giving our members the choice to design their own background for us to use live for the community while browsing our site. So if you would like to take part then read this topic and see the requirements needed to take part. In the mean time if you come across any site or forum errors or something that doesn't seem right then please do let us know here. Hope you like the changes.

The Modsaholic Team

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Saints Row IV gets first stage of SDK

Sep 04 2014 04:07 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Saints Row IV gets first stage of SDK, makes it easier to design/import weapons

An absence of modding tools hardly means an absence of mods - just look at GTAIV, and the impressive modifications that have cropped up since the game's release. An SDK would obviously help the process along though, which is why it's wonderful to see the efforts over at the Saints Row Mods forum being given Volition's official blessing. The first stage of Saints Row IV's newly released modding tools allows players to make their own weapons, though you're going to have to up your game if you hope to compete with the likes of the dubstep gun.

A guide on how to use the modding tools is located here, and while they don't turn the process into something a simpleton (i.e. me) could easily follow, I'd imagine they make it quicker and easier to replace existing content without having to get stuck into the source code. Later releases of the SDK will allow for easier modding of other parts of the game, but weapons seems like a good start.

If you're wondering what the above image refers to, Volition have given modders access to a weapon skin from the recently announced Gat out of Hell, although it's lacking the behaviour/characteristics here that will be featured when the gun is available for wielding in GooH itself. In addition, a file featuring all of the weapons from Saints Row 3 and 4 is available to download at this link.

Source: PC Gamer.

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SimCity Mod Extends Maximum City Size

Aug 28 2014 04:54 AM | DarkXess in General News

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SimCity mod extends maximum city size, but not without performance problems

Previously, Maxis confirmed that they've no plan to extend SimCity's maximum city size. And so it falls to modders to help those feeling hemmed in by the game's virtual borders. Can it be done? Yes, sort of. Project Orion is such a boundary extending mod, and will let the game's mayors build free of the vanilla base limit. Don't plan a ribbon cutting ceremony for your city's east wing just yet, though, as its use will mean dealing with some pretty significant performance issues and glitches.

The mod's listing on Simtropolis runs through some of the errors, not least of which is that you can't build roads outside of the boundary without first installing a second mod. Even then, you won't be able to elevate them.

Other issues? Land value and pollution maps will be visually misaligned, meaning, among other things, that you'll need to guess the actual happiness levels for each zone based on the way the map is offset. And then there are the performance issues. As your city expands, you will likely encounter lag.

Still, the mod is in beta. It's possible that, in time, these issues will be worked out. If not, it's a case of whether the base game's restriction is worth trading for the mod's own annoyances and foibles.

Source: Reddit.

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Minecraft Map Shows The Entirety Of Britain

Aug 28 2014 04:44 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Minecraft map shows the entirety of Britain, and its geological features

You may remember when Britain's Ordnance Survey recreated the entirety of the country as a Minecraft map. That was all well and good if, for some reason, you wanted to explore its top soil in a geologically removed way. But what about the peaks and troughs of the British landscape? The mountains, the cliffs, the caves filled with mole people and discarded Cliff Richard albums? To see those, you'll need a new Minecraft map—this one created by the British Geological Survey.

"Inspired by the Ordnance Survey (OS) map released a year ago," says BGS, "this map shows the OS map data on the surface and the real geology beneath, right down to the bedrock. You’ll be able to look over the white cliffs of Dover, climb to the top of Ben Nevis and scour over the ancient volcanoes of the Scottish Isles."

There is a point to this, and it revolves around Minecraft's continued popularity as an educational tool—a fact born of the game's continued popularity with people who need educating. "This work is an outstanding opportunity to get people using Minecraft, especially youngsters, to understand the geology beneath their feet and what it can be used for," said Professor John Ludden, executive director of the BGS, in a press release.

Head to this page of the BGS website to download the map; but be mindful of the fact that the full thing is 5.4 GB uncompressed. The page also explains how they arrived at its particular block choices. Soul Sand, for instance, contains similar characteristics to peat bog. That's a comforting thought.

The big question now is which governmental organisation will be next? Maybe the Crown Prosecution Service could fill high-crime areas with mob spawners.

Source: PC Gamer.

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Modsaholic Needs You! Plus More News

Aug 25 2014 10:41 PM | DarkXess in General News

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Modsaholic Needs You! Plus More News

Hey, did you know that Modsaholic has over 2 thousand visitors a day? did you know that Modsaholic has a free service and currently shares around 3 and half thousand files per day free of charge without any popups or ads? did you know that Modsaholic currently tries to cover every game possible which is able to mod for? and did you know that Modsaholic has over 3 thousand members?

Well its true, we already try so much to do everything possible for the modding community where as most sites have them annoying popups, adfly links, signups before downloading, and whatever else. We here at Modsaholic.com rely only on Ads to keep us alive just like our sister site Armaholic.com - we both are a free service which relies on the community to take part and keep us alive.

The most disappointing part of all this is with well over 450 thousand downloads and now over 3 thousand members our forums and comments on news/download pages are still very inactive. It is a very sad fact that we are being used! used for our free service. Just recently a member on our forums asked a simple question "where is everyone" and I was damn right honest and told him the truth.

So I am here today to ask you as a person who likes modding, wants to take part in the modding community, or overall loves playing games with mods to help us out. Be active, make the odd comment, rate our files where the author of the mod can feel appreciated for his hard work for your benefit, help us make an awesome community by submitting your guides, files, and helping out around the forums, this is what we want and it wont go unnoticed.

Not only this but these days Modsaholic is adding more and more games able to mod for to its database, check our downloads section to see for yourself. But with this comes a downside, we need staff!! we are in serious need of News Posters, Download Page makers, News Informers, etc. Of course we are a free of charge service so that goes for helping us out too, have an hour or 2 free time per week? then why not lend us a hand?

With Games such as Farming Simulator 2015 and Grand Theft Auto 5 on the horizon for PC release, we are just going to get more and more busier, but with that extra help and an active community we can't be happier to welcome you to join us.

The Modsaholic Team

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Banished Mod Support

Jul 11 2014 04:07 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Banished mod support is on the way, says developer

I killed a lot of people in Banished. You may have read something about that. The medieval settlement simulator has a distinct SimCity vibe to it but operates on a much more personal level: Individual settlers have names and lives and sometimes alarmingly delicate constitutions, which is problematic when you're in the middle of a heavy winter and the guy who's supposed to be out chopping trees has turned into one. That sort of dilemma may soon be considerably less troublesome, however, as developer Luke Hodorowicz recently revealed that he's spent the past few weeks working to bring mod support to the game.

Time constraints meant that support for mods in Banished was never really on the table, Hodorowicz explained, but as it turns out, the toolset he wrote to assist with the game's development is actually pretty well suited for the job. Of course, a good bit of tweaking is still required, and that's what he's been up to recently: Ensuring that multiple mods won't conflict and that save games keep a record of which mods were being used for which games, so players can experiment with different mods in different games.

"I’ve also got to decide what to do about achievements," Hodorowicz wrote. "Some mods, like translations shouldn’t change the difficulty in getting achievements, but other mods can allow placing buildings for free and adding resources and citizens with the press of a button. That clearly nullifies the achievement process."

It also cuts down on the likelihood of a disastrous crop failure reducing your thriving hamlet to a deathly-silent ghost town, but then that's half the fun, isn't it? Not necessarily, actually; it's one thing to watch Godzilla stomp through your faceless metropolis, but another thing entirely when little Doren takes his last breath, shudders and dies because you forgot to plant the turnips. Even so, I'm happy it's coming: In many ways, Banished already feels like a bizarre, cruel little digital laboratory, and in that light the addition of mod support is a natural fit.

Source: PC Gamer.

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