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L4D2 - Helms Deep Reborn


SeriouS_Samurai released an update of his Helms Deep Reborn map, it is a survival mode map which can last up to thirty minutes, and can be very very hard when tanks spawn continuously near the end.

Quote SeriouS_Samurai :
The only survival map with an ending! Survive until Gandalf comes.

For best experience turn off l4d2 music in options, you ruin for yourself if you dont do this.

(If you go idle it will say flow is broken, you can ignore this- It's a trick to make SI walk great distance.)

Every... single... thing... has been improved.
-Helm's Deep- Reborn is now the most thrilling map to play. The question is, can you survive until Gandalf's arrival?

Posted Image
Helms Deep Reborn


anyone who has L4D2 and a love for LOTR has to try this map.
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