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RimWorld - Project Armory Updated

Oct 21 2014 11:14 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Evul has released an update of his Project Armory for RimWorld on the Ludeon forums.

Quote Evul :
RimWorld, Project Armory for alpha 7 is finally here! The mayor thing in this update is that the mod is now ported to RimWorld Alpha 7. But there are also some small changes and balancing fixes.

Posted Image
Project Armory 2.1.5

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Assetto Corsa - Algarve International Circuit

Oct 21 2014 08:30 AM | DarkXess in Simulation News

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Tiago Lima released his mod "Algarve International Circuit" for Asseto Corsa.

Quote Tiago Lima :
This mod features the well known Algarve International racing circuit for Asseto Corsa and can be played with online or in single player modes

Posted Image
Algarve International Circuit

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Space Engineers - Invaders & Kill Counter

Oct 21 2014 08:30 AM | DarkXess in Simulation News

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Arara released his mod "Invaders & Kill Counter" for Space Engineers.

Quote Arara :
How many Invaders you destroyed? This script counts how many Invaders now exist / found. Per you killed certain number of Invaders, some messages will be shown. Invader Script is included.

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Invaders & Kill Counter

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Modsaholic Updates!

Oct 14 2014 06:57 AM | DarkXess in General News

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Modsaholic Updates!

Hey guys, just some new updates on stuff around here, first of all I would like to introduce to you our very own Bug Tracker (also accessed by the drop down services menu" for you the community to use for either reporting bugs to certain mods or for mod makers to use as finding the bugs in their mods reported by other members. Now I do have to stress that its in very early stages at the moment looking a bit bare and still under some tests and if you are wanting to give it a go then by all means do so. Unfortunately you will have to make a new account for it as at the moment it is not using combined accounts for here on the site too, apart from that everything else is fine.

If your a mod developer and want to use it then sign up and pm me your name and I will give you the "mod developer" access for more better usage for you the developer.

Not only that but we have also been hard at work with the HMM (Holic Mod Manager) which so far is coming along nicely, did I mention that it has steam support? also not only that but it works on all our mods and holic branded sites including Armaholic. The release date for this is still undecided as its still got work to be done and a lot of testing too. However if you would like to take part in alpha/beta testing then again - send me a pm and you will be contacted upon the time its ready to be publicly tested.

Of course with that we have other small updates and bug fixes in and around the site which you may or may not notice at all.

As always we here at Modsaholic are on the look out for staff wanting to help us out by posting daily news and download pages, so if your interested then either leave me a comment here or contact me via pm.

The Modsaholic Team

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Asseto Corsa Release Candidate Coming Soon!

Oct 12 2014 01:18 PM | DarkXess in Simulation News

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A lot has been going on in the Assetto Corsa front, with some major things to be looking forward to in the near future. Kunos Simulazioni has provided us with a new update on what will be coming to Assetto Corsa in the near future, and also announcing that the next update will be the Release Candidate.

First off, Kunos will be featuring an improved graphics engine, giving new features to make Assetto Corsa look that much better. New features will include (but aren’t limited to) depth of field improvements, god-rays, FXAA, and tone mapping. As you can see from the screenshot above, it will make bring AC to a much higher level of graphics fidelity, and I feel could make it one of the best looking sims on the market. Another thing coming in the release candidate is the migration to the FMOD sound engine. This switch also means that Kunos had to overhaul the sounds for all of their cars, which is no small feat! FMOD will bring features such as reverb, authentic effects, and the ability to incorporate more effects into the sim.

A couple eagerly awaited features will make it into the next couple updates for Assetto Corsa.The Release Candidate build will bring damage, both in visual and mechanical forms, to the sim. The tires will feature an even more advanced deterioration engine, featuring graining, blistering, and even blowouts! With these elements being incorporated into the sim, Kunos has expedited the pit stops feature. While it seems it won’t make it to the Release Candidate build, we can expect to see pitstops in the 1.0 build. It will only be restricted to online events to begin, but they will work it into single player races in a future update.

Read our whole article by pressing the "read story" button and do not forget to check out our newly created list of Asseto Corsa Mods.

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Planetary Annihilation - Missile Command

Oct 12 2014 01:10 PM | DarkXess in Strategy News

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wondible released his mod "Missile Command" for Planetary Annihilation.

Quote wondible :
The Missile Command window can be toggled from the option bar. It will auto open when the first nuke is built, and hide when the game is over. Nuke launchers will be registered when they are built. If you have a crash or otherwise miss an event, selecting a launcher will notice it. (The all button should find unregistered nukes)

Posted Image
Missile Command

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Space Engineers Update V01.051 Released

Oct 11 2014 09:55 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

Summary - adding new asteroids in creative mode is now possible in Space Engineer. Players can select the asteroid type, materials and then place it into the world. Another new addition is the scrap metal items. When a component, either floating object or in block, is damaged, it is turned into scrap metal (the percentage of scrap metal is random). Scrap metal can be melted in the refineries to create iron ingots. Also, remote turret control has been added; players are now able to control turrets directly

Read our whole article by pressing the "read story" button and do not forget to check out our growing list of Space Engineers mods.

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Oct 11 2014 03:39 PM | DarkXess in Simulation News

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Stas556 released his mod "MAN TGA" for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Quote Stas556 :
The MAN TGA (the predosessor to the TGX) has been around for a while now in the modding community with most versions up to most recently being a bit terrible. This mod however comes with cab options and a custom interior and from my experience the moddelling and texture quality is also top notch. The MAN TGA can be found as a standalone truck in any large MAN dealership in-game (Berlin, Munchen etc)

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Prison Architect - Star Wars Imperial Architect

Oct 11 2014 03:17 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

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Vector has submitted his mod "Star Wars Imperial Architect" for Prison Architect.

Quote Vector :
Imperial Architect is a fan made Star Wars conversion mod of the original Prison Architect Game. Currently the Imperial Architect mod like the original Prison Architect game is still under development and therefore will be receiving regular updates in order to keep the mod up to date with the current version of Prison Architect.

Posted Image
Star Wars Imperial Architect

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ETS 2 - Squirrel Logistics Custom Garage Skin

Oct 07 2014 05:16 AM | DarkXess in Simulation News

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Jakob Sharpe has submitted his mod "Squirrel Logistics Custom Garage Skin" for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Quote Jakob Sharpe :
This mod adds the following Squirrel Logistics Garage skin for Pete379jp custom garage.

Posted Image
Squirrel Logistics Custom Garage Skin

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