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Modsaholic - Staff Wanted!

Apr 21 2014 10:45 AM | DarkXess in General News

Posted Image

Modsaholic - Staff Wanted!

Hey guys, currently at Modsaholic we are looking for staff members to help us out with posting news & making download pages for various games of your choice as long as they are games which are moddable.

Your duties will include uploading files to our host, sorting out images in the right size and format, making a download page or news page to our specific template, plus being active with these current positions. So if your interested then send me a PM or have a say in the comment of this post and I will get back to you.

Please only contact us if your serious about helping us out as it does take up a lot of time and dedication on keeping the site up to date with the latest news and mods around the internet.

The Modsaholic Team

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Sim City 2013 - Insane Megatower Mod

Apr 21 2014 10:27 AM | DarkXess in Simulation News

Posted Image Posted Image

Brenflakes has submitted his Insane Megatower Mod for Sim City 2013.

Quote Brenflakes :
So Mod number #2, and i admit this one is a bit crazy. I cant workout how to increase the number of towers, so instead I increased the existing towers stats to roughly triple their size without adding too much burden on the city itself. The towers are capable of being self sufficent, being able to use a mix of all level types to provide all the needs required or packed with residential for massive industry or commercial cities.

I've done a fair bit of testing, and overall the balance seems quite good. I had a 100k population 2 tower city using all levels available and it was self sufficient and making an overall profit. Traffic gets a bit hectic, so space out and provide enough services to the residents.If you have any questions, comments or requests for packs to be modified and uploaded separately, feel free to ask.

Posted Image
Insane Megatower Mod

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GTA IV - Lamborghini Aventador Monster truck

Apr 21 2014 09:53 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

GOC FeiJi has submitted his Lamborghini Aventador Monster truck for GTA IV.

Mod FAQ's :
If you are looking for more mods for this game then you can check out our downloads section. Also if you feel that you can give a better intro for this mod then please contact us.

Posted Image
Lamborghini Aventador Monster truck

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RimWorld - Turret Package

Apr 21 2014 08:37 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

Posted Image Posted Image

Kilroy232 has released his Turret Package for RimWorld.

Quote Kilroy232 :
The main goal of this mod is to add more powerful turrets to the later part of the game so that you can fight off the ever growing raider parties that are determined to destroy your colony. This mod adds five new turrets to RimWorld along with six new research topics. There are three new textures added to the turrets and two new projectile textures. The turrets range in size, from 2x2 to 1x1 depending on what I figured seemed appropriate.

Posted Image
Turret Package

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RimWorld - Cremation stuff

Apr 21 2014 08:37 AM | DarkXess in RPG News

Posted Image

bolti1703 has released his Cremation stuff for RimWorld.

Quote bolti1703 :
This mod adds new ways to get rid of the corpses. You must first research the new technology. Then build a morgue table. After that your colonists can pack the corpses in body bags ( you get a dog tag to count how many corpses your colonists have used). The next step is either to burn the body bags with the cremation mine ( other ways possible as well) or you use the morgue table to build a coffin out of a body bag and some metal ( planks in the wood edition).

Posted Image
Cremation stuff

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Space Engineers - Faster Welding (Armor Blocks)

Apr 19 2014 11:24 AM | DarkXess in Simulation News

Posted Image

King_Bryce123 has released his Faster Welding (Armor Blocks) for Space Engineers.

Quote King_Bryce123 :
As an amateur coder, I have decreased the amount of time it requires to weld ALL armor blocks by about %75>%50 less. Because some people that have limited hours playing the game, need to get it done. And fast. Seeming armor blocks are essential and are in great demand when building a ship, they take a little long to weld together. This mod fixes that. It is a simple 'sbc.' file, to import. Ever seen a huge ship and go, "Oh my lord, this must have took forever.."?

Posted Image
Faster Welding (Armor Blocks)

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ETS 2 - Mercedes NG1631

Apr 13 2014 03:37 PM | DarkXess in Simulation News

Posted Image Posted Image

Ventures87 has released his Mercedes NG1631 for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Quote Ventures87 :
The Mercedes NG1631 classic truck can be found in game in any large Volvo dealer (don't ask why its not found in Majestic!) and features high quality accurate textures with a custom engine sound by Kreichbaum.

Posted Image
Mercedes NG1631

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RimWorld - E-Furniture Updated

Apr 13 2014 03:21 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

ColdEvil has released an update of his E-Furniture for RimWorld.

Quote ColdEvil :
This is the newest update for E-Furniture this makes it playable on Alpha 3. The mods now add a bar stool, Red chair, pool table, a table with a lamp corner lamp. All made by Kirid. In addition to the already existing 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 tables, Adv. Comms Console and radar table!

Posted Image

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RimWorld - Workplaces Updated

Apr 13 2014 03:21 PM | DarkXess in RPG News

Posted Image Posted Image

Haplo has released an update of his Workplaces for RimWorld.

Quote Haplo :
This mod is the evolution of my first mod 'Blacksmith's Workplace'. It implements all the original functionality and expands on it. The mod provides two new workplaces: The Blacksmith's and the Weapon smith's Workplace. The Blacksmith's Workplace is a complimentary workplace to the stonecutter's table. It gives you the ability to smelt slag debris to extract a bit of metal from it. Additional you can smelt your not needed weapons and get a bit of Metal out of it. The Weapon smith's Workplace needs to be researched. But once this is done, you can create your own weapons. But be aware: The better weapons need a skilled crafter.

Posted Image

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ETS 2 - Aftermarket Engines Updated

Mar 28 2014 02:31 AM | DarkXess in Simulation News

Posted Image

KeriaMacleod has released an update of his Aftermarket Engines for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Quote KeriaMacleod :
To add several engines (for all trucks) to ease the strain of heavier loads on drivers of all levels, and do so without breaking the "work for it" theme.

Posted Image
Aftermarket Engines

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