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Changes in MCPatcher 4.2.0

Version 4.2.0
  • 7/30 4.2.0 release
  • Better integration into the new launcher, including support for multiple profiles.
  • Compatible with Forge again.
  • Use custom potion colors for particle effects around players in SMP.
  • Fixed alignment of CIT enchantment overlay in GUI.
  • Apply CIT properly to items with multiple render passes in item frames.
  • Fixed CIT sometimes using the wrong graphic when multiple items of the same type were present.
  • Fixed CTM for logs with metadata >= 12.
  • 7/23 4.1.1 release
  • Fixed spacing of non-HD fonts to match vanilla.
  • Fixed missing synthetic EnchantmentList$1 class.
  • Prevent crash if animation data is invalid.
  • Some performance optimization.
  • Fixed CIT application to items with multiple textures (bow, fishing rod).
  • Fixed CTM method=horizontal for vines and ladders.
  • Warn if trying to add a resource pack as a mod.
  • 7/10 4.1.0_04 release
  • Fixed problem saving configuration on Windows.
  • 7/8 4.1.0_03 release
  • Compatibility with Mojang's ninja-update of 1.6.2.
  • 7/7 4.1.0_02 release
  • Fixed spacing issue with vanilla fonts.
  • 7/5 4.1.0_01 release
  • Compatibility with 1.6.2.
  • Fixed various CIT enchantment texturing issues.
  • Be more forgiving about extraneous assets/minecraft/ on resource paths.
  • Create a default pack.mcmeta if texture pack does not contain pack.txt.
  • 7/1 4.1.0 release
  • Updated to support 1.6 and new launcher.
  • New utility for converting texture packs to resource packs.
  • New directory structure for MCPatcher files in resource packs.
  • Custom Item Textures mod.
  • Removed Java 5 support.
  • Updated javassist library to 3.18.0-GA.
  • 6/8 3.0.4_01 release
  • Fixed spurious mod conflict warning.
  • Fixed mapping order of alternate RenderFace methods.
  • 5/4 3.0.4 release
  • Updated for 1.5.2.
  • Fixed potential crash with Better Grass.
  • Report conflicts when mod order would cause MCPatcher's changes to be overwritten.
  • Fixed compatibility with recent BTW versions.
  • 4/4 3.0.3_01 release
  • Fixed width calculation of colored text.
  • Fixed crash when /misc/*color.png has wrong dimensions.
  • Fixed conversion of default /ctm.png.
  • 3/19 3.0.3 release
  • Fixed white lines between textures.
  • Fixed CTM for brewing stand.
  • Further optimization of mipmapping/AA.
  • Fixed Better Grass with fast graphics.
  • Duplicate carrots_0-2.png to potatoes_0-2.png if the latter is not already present when converting 1.4 texture pack.
  • Improved custom compass/clock performance.
  • 3/13/2013 3.0.2_01 release
  • First official release for 1.5.
  • Pre release post here.
  • New CTM format post here.
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