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Oshkosh HET M1070

This mod adds the Oshkosh HET M1070 to Spintires. It features addons, has its own custom sound and advanced animations. Credits: Bregel


Kamaz 44108 Final Version

This tough Kamaz truck features 6-wheel drive making it a brilliant off-roader in any terrain. It replaces the ZIL in-game. Credits: Voodo


DAF XF by 50K v2

This mod adds a reworked version of the Daf XF105 to the game. Features include a variety of custom interiors to choose from and many customizati...


MAN TGX Reworked v1.8

This mod adds many new features to the outdated MAN TGX model made by SCS Software. Features include new chassis options, window stickers and new...


Sisu Trucks Pack v1.0.2

The mod is tested in 1.14.x without any other mods and it worked perfectly, game.log.txt is error free! Doesn't work perfectly on older versions!...


Peterbuilt 379

The Peterbuilt 379 has got to be one of America's most iconic trucks, and now you can drive it in Euro Truck Simulator 2 thanks to this brilliant...


Volvo VNL 670

This mod brings to you the Volvo VNL 670 with new high quality textures, 1 skin, its own interior, new sounds… You can find it in every Volvo ...


Hino 700

Hino 700 is a Taiwan truck, manufactured by Honi Motors. This truck is quite popular in Asia, you can search more about it on Google. This truck...


Kenworth W900 Long

I have driven this Kenworth W900 Long on and off since I started playing this game over a year ago. I still have the version that came out in Ga...


Toronto Maple Leaves Daf Euro 6 Skin

This striking design looks absolutely brilliant on the Daf Euro 6. Don't worry if blue is not for you, the main metallic colour of the skin can b...