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Ifor Williams Trailers

This mod adds the well know brand "Ifor Williams" trailers to the game. These trailers can be used to transport bales, pallets and small equipme...


Tandem Rungenwagen

A cheap, small trailer for timber transport. Features: It is a tandem trailer but not a dump truck. It can be easily loaded and unloaded wi...


Marshall Bale Trailer Pack

This pack contains 4 Marshall BC/36 bale transport trailers. Each trailer has the ‘Fliegl DPW180 Universal AutoLoad’ mod by the ‘HoTonline...


Standalone Log Trailer v1.19

Awesome standalone trailer mod with high quality textures. You can also see it in the traffic! Should work with all other trailer packs. Credi...


Jumbo Trailer Pack v2

Standalone jumbo trailer pack featuring 10 skins and compatible with all other trailer mods. The trailers also feature in AI traffic. Credits:...


Lamberet Axel Dubois Trailer

Awesome trailer with high quality textures, its own wheels and some new animations! It is standalone and also available in traffic! Credits: ...


Trailer Mod Pack v3.7

This mod adds total 100 new stand alone trailers and cargo and a lot of new skins. After adding the mod advance time in the game to make the ne...


Big Bags Trailer

This adds the 22 tonne standalone trailer to the game.


Crane Trailer

This trailer is standalone with 17 tons of weight and available in traffic! Credits: Savoyard Custom. Replaces: Standalone. Compatibili...


143M Sunshield for Scania

This mod brings to you the Volvo VNL 670 with new high quality textures, 1 skin, its own interior, new sounds… You can find it in every Volvo ...

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