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Black and White Interior for Scania R

Really really nice interior mod for Scania R, plus some special tweaks inside. Credits: NMK61 Compatibility: ETS2 1.18.x and 1.19.x


Scania R500 Tandem Combo

This is the Scania R500 combo by LONGLINERV8 and peerke145. This mod is working on 1.17.x and 1.18.x and is the real tysterman en pronk Scania bu...


Rodas Reeditadas Scania Wheel

This mod will replace the original Eastern Eagle wheels. Perfect mod overall! Works fine with all trucks! Credits: Badeko,Senator07 Compatibi...

scania 8x8

Scania Timber Truck 8×8

With 8x8 traction this beast can really pull heavy loads through the thick mud, stick it into low gears and activate difflock then watch it plow ...


143M Sunshield for Scania

This mod brings to you the Volvo VNL 670 with new high quality textures, 1 skin, its own interior, new sounds… You can find it in every Volvo ...


Scania R2008 v3.0

This is a really nice truck. you get a lot of options with it. Several cab’s, engines, 2 transmissions, lots and I mean lots of lights. You onl...


Scania 4-series v2.1

Adds the Scania 4 series into the game with tons of upgrade options. This standalone mod can be found from any large Scania truck dealership in m...


East Trans Truck Skins

This Skin pack includes East Trans skins for the Scania R 2009 and Daf XF105 in-game. It also includes a custom East Trans trailer. Credits: ...


Scania R730 Topline v5.0

This mod brings the Scania R730 Topline into farming simulator, the ideal workhorse for hauling heavy loads of grain and biomass around the map q...


Scania R730 Logging NS

This adds the Scania R730 Logging NS to the game. The archive package five options Scania timber truck and trailers. Credits: nicossalonso