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Map Discovery Helper Mod v1.2

This Discovery Map Helper will repaint the colors of the road map, remove all icons, road numbers and company logos in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Th...


Powatan Valley

Powatan Valley is a map created to evoke the feeling of pioneer exploration in the northern Americas. It is a heavily forested valley surrounded ...


Wild Wilderness

If you think your sims would appreciate a good hike in the mountains, through thick pines, breathing the crisp morning air, then this might be th...


Tenasi River

Tenasi River was born of a desire to create a large, powerful, and winding river. Inspired by rivers such as the Colorado and Mississippi, Tenasi...


Copper Creek

Copper Creek is a map made specifically for those who want a bit more room to spread out and expand their city. It's not flat, but the gentle hil...


New Earth 2 Map

This map is great for driving around on but is still a work in progress. It also works with certain vehicle mods such as the Hummer H2 SUT. Cr...


Rusmap v1.4.9

This is a map mod that works on other third-party map mods, like MHA, TSM and Promods, which makes ETS2 a whole lot bigger. Digging into the map,...