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Daf XF Euro 6 Tandem

This mod will add new chassis and tandem trailer for your DAF XF Euro 6! Skin template included. Credits: satan19990 Compatibility: Tested ...


Daf XF E6 & XF50Keda Reworked Sound

I totally reworked the standard sound of this truck to make it sound deeper and realistic, then added my tires/bearings sound. The air lift axle ...


Daf Euro 6 Heavy Haulage Chassis Addon v1.3

Content list: - 8x4/4 midlift and rearlift chassis for all cabins. - Plastic and paintable fenders and sideskirts. - Two types auxiliary fuel ...


DAF XF by 50K v2

This mod adds a reworked version of the Daf XF105 to the game. Features include a variety of custom interiors to choose from and many customizati...


DAF XF HD Interior v2.3

Remade interior from scratch, using mostly vectors. It took more than 35h to finish it and more than 1000 photoshop layers. Check screenshots! ...


Toronto Maple Leaves Daf Euro 6 Skin

This striking design looks absolutely brilliant on the Daf Euro 6. Don't worry if blue is not for you, the main metallic colour of the skin can b...


Real Interior DAF XF Euro 6

This mod changes the Daf Euro 6 interior to make it more realistic getting rid of the horrid wood replacing it with aluminium panels. https://...


East Trans Truck Skins

This Skin pack includes East Trans skins for the Scania R 2009 and Daf XF105 in-game. It also includes a custom East Trans trailer. Credits: ...


Daf XF105 McDonald Haulage Skin

This mod adds an authentic McDonald Haulage Skin to Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the Daf XF105. Credits: Bisurmanin