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Large Clarifier

Cleans out the city sewage and converts it to fresh water and garbage. Features: Cost: 3500 Upkeep: 240/week Water pumping capacity: 25600m...


Large Water Pumping Station

The perfect solution for serving large volumes of water to your citizens. Features: Footprint: 8x6 Cost: 17500 Upkeep: 560/week Pumping Ca...


Large Recycling Center

This larger recycling facility can deal with the most demanding of cities by sifting through and removing garbage over time. Noisy and expensive ...


Pacha Tower – Growable 4x4Lvl5 H Residential

Add some variety to your High density residential zones... with the Pacha Tower Features: 21 floors 100 meters high Growable residential....


Prince Tower – Growable 4×4 Lvl3 H Commercial

Add (some) variety to your High density Commercial zones... with the Prince Tower Features: 20 floors 88 meters high Growable commercial....