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Kamaz 43101 Tanker

Replaces the Urals in-game, but can replace any model. Tested on the game version 4.13. Credits: Model and Texture: A-50 Black Shark, Ronnie,...

mitsi l200

Mitsubishi L200 Dakar Truck

A good little rally car with good animations and looks. Goes like a bat out of hell but that is also its main downfall. Go too fast and you end u...


Unimog 6×6

A cool Unimog to play around with. Comes with 3 sets of wheels to choose from and plenty of Addons to keep you occupied. Another really nice mod ...

scania 8x8

Scania Timber Truck 8×8

With 8x8 traction this beast can really pull heavy loads through the thick mud, stick it into low gears and activate difflock then watch it plow ...


Oshkosh HET M1070

This mod adds the Oshkosh HET M1070 to Spintires. It features addons, has its own custom sound and advanced animations. Credits: Bregel


Kamaz 44108 Final Version

This tough Kamaz truck features 6-wheel drive making it a brilliant off-roader in any terrain. It replaces the ZIL in-game. Credits: Voodo


MAZ-535 Monster

MAZ-535 Monster for Spintires 2014. The modification replaces the wheels from the original model game MAZ on larger wheels, which gives a menacin...


Tatra 813 8×8 Kolos

Hi all - here is famous Czech offroad truck TATRA 813. To have red/white stripes on bumpers - replace original textures .dds files with another ...


Monster Maz

Greetings all, I had a play around with a few mods and made this one. I have added the more powerful Maz and sorted out a few of the little bugs,...


Renault Premium Tuned 420 dCI

This model Truck mesh was made by Marsupy from France is a free model but copyright distribution. The Trailers comes from EUS2 all the trailers c...

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