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CanAM 1000 XT

The CanAM ATV, ideal for getting from A to B around the farm. Features: The ATV gets dirty and is washable. It has a front and rear coupling ...


Marshall Bale Trailer Pack

This pack contains 4 Marshall BC/36 bale transport trailers. Each trailer has the ‘Fliegl DPW180 Universal AutoLoad’ mod by the ‘HoTonline...


Peterbilt 378 v1.0

The 2007 Peterbilt 379 runs on a Caterpillar C-15 engine with 475 horsepower, Has a front axel capacity of 12,000 lbs. and a rear axel capacity o...


Drive Control Mod

The Drive Control Mod expands the whole driving experience FS15 with many small modules such as manual starting of the engine, shuttle and severa...


Manual Ignition

This script adds manual ignition to all the vehicles in the game. There is no need to set something up in the .xml files of the vehicles. How ...


Dodge Ram Service Truck

This truck is a modified version of the dodge truck that can be purchased in-game already giving it a use as a support vehicle for refilling fert...


Scania R730 Topline v5.0

This mod brings the Scania R730 Topline into farming simulator, the ideal workhorse for hauling heavy loads of grain and biomass around the map q...


Ground Textures Hard Wet

We don’t like the bright and sandy textures for Bjornholm so we made a new set of heavy/wet textures. You can find install instructions and fur...


New Sky Mod

This mod will change the sky in game with Realistic adjustments, Night will be brighter with more stars, Better rains and thunders & Better s...


Guelle Mist Kalk Modpack

This mod adds the Guelle Mist Kalk Modpack to Farming Simulator 15. Credits: Mannie313

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