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Volvo FH16 2012 Farcry 4 Skin

This mod adds skin from Far Cry 4. It can be purchased only in the paintshop. Available for Volvo FH16 2012 with Globetrotter XL cabin and cos...


MAN TGX “100 Years Edition” Anniversary Skin

Here is MAN TGX D38 “100 Years Edition” Aniversary Edition skin updated for MAN TGX Euro6 byMADster v1.2! As seen in the video this skin come...


Virtual Combo Pack for Mercedes-Benz MPIV

The trailer will replace the refrigerated trailer in game. It is for the custom truck Mercedes-Benz Actros MPIV Final. Credits: Frankfuyz


Toronto Maple Leaves Daf Euro 6 Skin

This striking design looks absolutely brilliant on the Daf Euro 6. Don't worry if blue is not for you, the main metallic colour of the skin can b...


Scania T Red Passion Skin

Here is the Scania Red Passion Limited Edition skin and interior updated for Scania T (RJL). Mod tested on 1.18. Credits: Borsuk


Scania Streamline Red Passion Skin & Interior

Here is Scania Red Passion Limited Edition skin and interior updated for Scania Streamline Topline (RJL). Mod tested on 1.17; 1.18 Credits: ...


Ocean Race Pack for Volvo FH 2009

Volvo Ocean race skin for Volvo FH 2009 with a choice of two metallic colours, Blue or silver. Credits: Borsuk


Scania RS RJL Blue Streamline Skin

Scania Blue Streamline skin and interior for RJL's Scania R and Streamline Modifications. Credits: Borsuk


East Trans Truck Skins

This Skin pack includes East Trans skins for the Scania R 2009 and Daf XF105 in-game. It also includes a custom East Trans trailer. Credits: ...


The Big Stobart Mod v2..0

Unlike my previous skins, this Stobart mod will no longer be limited to just white or green trailers. The company replaces Stokes. Features: ...

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