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Cities: Skylines


Skate Park

Adds a new Skate Park in the park section. The place for the skateboarding lovers. Features: Construction Cost 8000 Fire Hazard 0 Fire To...


Gula’s StarTrust Office

Based off of the SunTrust office building in downtown Tampa, FL. Features: Level 3 Office Growable Credits: Gula Alternative -...


Double-Paperclip Interchange

This is a very large interchange that takes up almost as much room as it can in the asset editor. The reason it is so large is because I like my ...


Clear and Bright

Clear skies, open air, the bright warmth of a sunny day - that's what you'll get with Clear and Bright. Enjoy lush green forests, clear blue skie...


Automatic Bulldoze v1.0.6b

Automatically destroys abandoned and burned buildings. Credits: Sadler Alternative - Get it on Steam Workshop