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In-game Natural Resources Tool

In-game Natural Resources Tool (+ Tree Brush )

Allows to place natural resources in-game and provides configurable tree brush Provides resources tool and movable 'Brush Options' toolbar. ...


Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering augments Cities: Skylines by adding angle snapping, guidelines and additional information to assist you when building roads...


Extended Public Transport UI v1.2

Extends the public transport UI with additional list views and toggles for bus, metro and train. Nicely integrates with the native UI. Just press...


Boulder Rapids

Welcome to Boulder Rapids! Features: Variety of terrain including beaches, fast flowing rivers, rolling hills, and mountains. All transpor...


Powatan Valley

Powatan Valley is a map created to evoke the feeling of pioneer exploration in the northern Americas. It is a heavily forested valley surrounded ...


Wild Wilderness

If you think your sims would appreciate a good hike in the mountains, through thick pines, breathing the crisp morning air, then this might be th...


Tenasi River

Tenasi River was born of a desire to create a large, powerful, and winding river. Inspired by rivers such as the Colorado and Mississippi, Tenasi...


Copper Creek

Copper Creek is a map made specifically for those who want a bit more room to spread out and expand their city. It's not flat, but the gentle hil...


Skate Park

Adds a new Skate Park in the park section. The place for the skateboarding lovers. Features: Construction Cost 8000 Fire Hazard 0 Fire To...


Clear and Bright

Clear skies, open air, the bright warmth of a sunny day - that's what you'll get with Clear and Bright. Enjoy lush green forests, clear blue skie...

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