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Ifor Williams Trailers

This mod adds the well know brand "Ifor Williams" trailers to the game. These trailers can be used to transport bales, pallets and small equipme...


CanAM 1000 XT

The CanAM ATV, ideal for getting from A to B around the farm. Features: The ATV gets dirty and is washable. It has a front and rear coupling ...


Tandem Rungenwagen

A cheap, small trailer for timber transport. Features: It is a tandem trailer but not a dump truck. It can be easily loaded and unloaded wi...

Amazone Condor

Amazone Condor

Amazone Condor sower converted from Farming Simulator 2013 to Farming Simulator 15. Credits: jonas1854 Compatibility: Tested on 1.3 patch...