• The Drive Control Mod expands the whole driving experience FS15 with many small modules such as manual starting of the engine, shuttle and several limiter all into one mod.
    The mod consists of modules that can be individually tailored / switched on and off inside the game and with an xml that records the settings between saves meaning that if you exit the game with an engine switched on when you go back inside the game it’s still running and everything else should also still be setup as it was before. Huds are supported in the bottom right of the speed of HUD itself so there is no littering of the screen with many different Hud’s. When you first start using this, the mod puts a driveControl_config.xml file in FS15 main directory (where the log.txt is located). In this file, the individual modules are on and off as desired, and there are also some other settings that can be adjusted and are described in the features below.


    * Manual Ignition:
    Default is set as “Enter” to start / stop vehicles, you will need to press and hold and wait for the preheat before starting.
    The engine remains on when exit and leave the vehicle.
    The engine status can be displayed in the HUD top right is displayed next to the speed.
    The red battery icon indicates an engine off, the yellow symbol appears while pressing the start button.

    * Active Toggle:
    With pressing “CTRL + TAB” you can now switch between vehicles that have running engines and not the engines that are not switched on, and via versa.

    * Indoor Sound:
    If you select the internal camera tractor sounds are quieter.
    How much can be adjusted if you look in the driveControl_config.xml in the and adjust for yourself.

    * Shuttle Mod:
    For forward, reverse, Shuttle (de-) activate added for the non-keyboard driver.
    How much can you look in the driveControl_config.xml in the adjust itself.

    * All-wheel & differential locks:
    This module adds the ability to make vehicles that should be 4×4 and to also have fully lockable differentials.
    By default, all vehicles two wheel drive.
    To switch on all-wheel drive, press (Left Shift + 4)
    The axle differentials are not self-locking, the following is how to lock each axle:
    (Left Shift + 5) for the front axle
    (Left Shift + 6) for the rear axle.

    * Dirt Module:
    The Dirt module uses the short but very comprehensive new washable speci. Vehicles & equipment no longer get dirty by just by standing around with the engine running, but depending on the current work and working speed.
    In addition, the module reads the current ground and adjusts how the dirty the vehicles now get, so it will take longer to get the vehicle dirty with driving on the road compared to say ploughing.
    The second function of this module is, you can also globally adjust the speed of the dirt script. For this, you can set the value of in the driveControl_config.xml in the .
    Those who want to adjust this by slowing the speed of dirt script, replace with smaller values ​​of the default setting

    * Handbrake:
    The handbrake is on by default (left ctrl + spacebar). It is displayed in the HUD as “P”

    * Operating hours counter:
    Exactly what the name says and is displayed the bottom right of the hourglass

    * Steering Sensitive:
    This module is designed for analog controllers such as gamepads and steering wheels. The axis which is used for steering and can change the dead zone around the center. This allows you much more sensitive axis as it didn’t feel like we had propor steering gear.
    Sounds like a small thing, but it is also been my personal favorite among the new modules included too.

    Important detail: When using the module, the deadband for all other analog InputBindings is outsourced to the driveControl_config.xml.

    * Shuttle:
    This module adds what we had with the MR mod in FS2013,
    The current direction is shown as a green arrow on the top left of the speed HUD.
    Default has been setup as “spacebar” to switch between forward and reverse mode ie brake is no longer brake and reverse it is just for bake only, and makes operating loaders and front loaders so much fun now.
    If you don’t like this type of module working the simply press and hold the “spacebar” for 5 sec’s and this will turn the module on and off.
    When disabled, no arrow is displayed in the HUD.

    Note: I have noticed that this can stick when using autoCombine mod, simple answer is to turn it on before you use auto combine.

    * Gas / gear limiter:
    The two limiter’s of Drive Control mods are summarized in a module.
    They are shown on the speed display on the bottom left (throttle limiter) and bottom right (gear lock).

    The Gear Limiter: adjusts more or less throttle available in gearing. This limiter is particularly suitable for adjusting between road trips, maneuvering, front loader and trailer work.
    This limiter adjusts between 0% (almost no throttle available) and 100% (normal throttle available). Hold the (left shift key + arrow keys up / down) to adjust.

    The Gear Lock works completely differently:
    You can adjust the min/max gear ratio. This then adjusts the acceleration either more or less
    This limiter is especially suitable for field work. The gear lock can also help with adjusting your engine braking either more or less.
    The gear lock can be set between 0% – 100% (the lower the % the more towards a creeper gear and results in more revs but with less speed than in normal driving mode)
    To adjust press and hold the (left shift key + arrow keys left / right one).

    Credits: upsidedown

    Copy the downloaded zip file to My Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / Mods. Folder. Then, by logging in to the game, buy the mod from Farm Shop.

    Download (71.3 kB)

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