• Mod inspired by Just Cause 2 game that brings a grappling hook to attach somethings in GTA V.


    – Attach hook to buildings, peds and vehicles
    – Attach multiple entities (shoot and hold aim)
    – Fly to the hook attach position on building or vehicles (shoot and release aim)
    – Pull peds with hook (shoot and release aim)
    – Use parachute while in mid air (while flying to hook position)

    How to Use:

    Ctrl + N – Show mods menu
    Left Mouse Button – When hook mode On a hook will be launched when you shoot
    Space – While moving to a target in mid air press space to parachute
    F – Release player hook from helicopter
    Z – Release hooks from player vehicle
    H – Toggle hook mode on/off

    Credits: TJulioNIB

    Obs.: This mod uses a custom version of the ScriptHookVDotNet, so, if your ScriptHookVDotNet is below or equal version 0.9 you need to use the version of ScriptHookVDotNet that goes with my mod. Now if you have a version launched after v0.9 in the oficial source, you don’t need to update.

    Copy all files to GTA5.exe folder (except ScriptHookVDotNet if you have version above v0.9)

    Download (389.1 kB)

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