• Greetings all, I had a play around with a few mods and made this one. I have added the more powerful Maz and sorted out a few of the little bugs, I have made the wheel track wider to compensate for the extra power. Warning! this thing is not for the faint! It will cover ground at speed lol. Ok so another addition when you get your Monster Maz stuck in the mud you need a big recovery vehicle right? Well check out the Monster Maz7310.

    – Thanks to Anders Ørum for his mod
    – Thanks to Metazer for the 8 wheel steer adaption
    – And to Piotrek and whoever made the monster wheels

    Extract the downloaded content into your “Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Spintires \ Media” folder.

    Download (74.0 MB)

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