• This adds the Land Rover Series III & Mini Log Trailer to the game. The Land Rover is also fully customizable with many upgrades which can be equipped at the garage.

    Land Rover series III with different skins:
    – Camel Trophy Zaire 1983, Siberia Trophy, Green, Blue, Cyan, Olive, White, Red, Sand
    – Mini Log Trailer in 2 colors
    – Mini Log Trailer loaded

    Mini Log Trailer created by Pixelherder

    Land Rover:
    Zidon, Mahlon – modeling, rigging
    Pixelherder – art direction, modeling, rigging, textures, sounds, addons, wheels
    Peter Polanszki – alternative sound set for 2013 demo version
    Gabriel Hada – testing & brainstorming
    parts of suspension borrowed from GAZ69 by hz888

    Thanks to Dan “22900013A” for lots of usefull tips on Land Rovers

    Extract the downloaded content into your “Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Spintires \ Media” folder.

    Download (21.3 MB)

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