• The Bypass Passenger Station is a modified version of the in game passenger train station. It replaces some of the (extensive) car parking with an underground rail bypass which you can connect to. The underground bypass track is separate from the station track and the intention is that you can connect it to your train line to allow trains to skip the station and not be delayed by other trains that are waiting for passengers.

    The Bypass Station has exactly the same in game statistics (noise, energy requirements etc.) and footprint size as the default passenger station. I also added some randomized billboard signs by the car park. Cars will also use the car park. I also added some trees between the tunnel mouths and platform just for aesthetics.

    I created this station basically to save space, as I was constructing bypass rail lines around all my passenger stations and the station footprint is already quite large and contained a lot of car parking.

    Planned: The in game asset is finished. It’s a pretty simple modification of the passenger station. I have planned to update some of the in game icons though.

    Credits: cheestring

    Unzip the downloaded contents to: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods. Then just enable it in-game via Content Manager / Assets (depending on the mod it could also be within the Mods section too).

    Download (702.1 kB)

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