• With this truck you get a large number of engines, 3 type’s to be exact. I tested all 3 type’s of engines. They all ran very well, and the sound was very well done too. You get 5 transmissions. If you have a steering wheel you will be very happy with the choices here. You get 1 cab, 1 chassis,”no mid or taglift here”. You get a real nice set of external cab options, with minimal lights. You can buy this truck at the DAF dealership.

    New in version 2.1:

    – Add new chassis with lifted axle.
    – Added some new tuning parts.
    – New sound for engine.
    – Fixed bugs.

    Credits: DB3, dmitry68, kriechbaum
    Compatibility: ETS2 1.18.x

    Extract the downloaded content into your “My Documents\ Euro Truck Simulator 2\ Mod” folder.

    Download (54.2 MB)

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