• Features v1.2:
    -New spoilers for all cabs
    -Separated fuel tank from storage units for 6x chassis
    -Remaked top for all cabs
    -Added slots for beacons on roof
    -Added slot for horns on the left side of the cab
    -New logo available in two variants plastic/painted
    -Bumper available in two variants plastic/painted
    -Added all indicators for the dashboard
    -Orange dasboard lights
    -Retarder/Lifted axle indicators added
    -New Ambient Occlusion for bumper
    -New Ambient Occlusion for cabs XL/XLX/XXL
    -New Ambient Occlusion for all spoilers
    -Lots of small fixes/improvments
    -Country oval plate
    -New engine sound (Thanks to Paulnice)
    -New display (Thanks to kuba141)
    -Better shadows
    -Realistic model

    Credits: MADster, SCSSoftware & Giants Software
    Compatibility: Tested on v1.19.x

    Extract the downloaded content into your “My Documents\ Euro Truck Simulator 2\ Mod” folder.

    Download (27.0 MB)

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