• We all know that V driving physics are boring. They tend to be too easy, car suspension being too hard or that damage is terrible and we all know that there has to be a balance between realism and fun, right? Well, this mod does just that. I’ve spent around 160 hours on making this. For me personally total simulation in arcade game such as GTA is a no go. So everyone who likes something in between, this mod is for them. I’ve tried to make this one as believable as possible. Basically what it does is make car physics mix between IV and V. The suspension in cars is not too hard and not too soft, it’s between V and IV. Vehicles don’t have high understeer like some other mods have, or too high turning radius at high speeds. Here if you will be driving at high speed your car can drift/spin, if you hit a wall, there is a chance of you jamming your wheel completely.

    Since I’ve began making this mod, I’ve always wondered why police and their cruisers have unhealthy advantage over your car, making pursuits agitating. The chases felt a little bland with that old damage modelling that I thought that maybe, just maybe if I could increase somehow deformation, I could make chases a lot more exciting and introduce few new tactics that can help you escape, or get you into even more trouble if you’re careless.  Thanks to twice increased deformation, you and police have equal chances of getting knocked out. We all know that police cruises love to smash into your back, right? Well now Ai will smash into you, but they have to take risks because 5 hits and their car can be on fire and knocked out of the chase. Same goes to player.

    New tactic in regards to damage makes police equally vulnerable. If you hit them in the front side panel where wheel is (or any of the wheels really), you have high chance of jamming their wheel and making them unable to catch up with you. Same goes to player. You can do that to any car pretty much, making chases even more exciting (atleast for me) and make you THINK before you crash into someone or something.

    Add that drop of realism to the car physics and you got yourself a fun mix between simulation and arcade that V lacks, but IV had (however overdone). This mod includes all DLC vehicles, including newest update ILL GOTTEN GAINS PT. 2. It also removes turbulence from aircrafts/helis and improves slightly bike driving (however thanks to me being rather vehicle NERD I’ve spent more time on cars and trucks rather than planes and bikes, but don’t worry, I will keep this one up to date.

    – Softer suspension, a mix between V and IV.
    – A bit more realistic car physics that applies to all cars including DLC ones.
    – Increased twice car deformation, introducing few new tactics to chases
    – Removed turbulence from aircrafts/helicopters
    – Slightly improved vanilla bike physics
    – Trucks have now 8 or 10 gears (however I don’t think it works right so please test it and give feedback)

    Alabeo – creation
    obajtektsw92 – Inspiration and references
    Alexander Blade – his amazing scripthook and IV car physics (had lots of fun with it too)
    Killomante – His realistic Driving physics where I have looked at real life counterparts for references.
    plnoxxon – his military jet handling

    Use OpenIV and drop handling.meta file into update.rpf/common/data.
    If there are issues, please tell me. Also give me suggestions, I will do everything I can to satisfy mod users so don’t hesitate to tell me what bothers you here.

    Download (2.5 MB)

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