• You can now rappel from maverick helicoptes! This is officially SICK AS HELL! You can now rappel from helicopters that you’re driving!

    How to Use:
    Config with default trigger key ‘J’
    Edit Rappel.ini to edit key binding keycode
    List of keycodes for your convenience

    Tested and confirmed works with:
    PolIce Maverick
    Civilian Maverick

    Tested and does not work with:
    Ahnialiator (Crash)
    Skylift (No effect)
    Cargobob (Thrown from vehicle)
    Buzzard (Thrown from vehicle)
    Frogger (Thrown from vehicle
    (Code implemented to prevent rappel from all other helis)

    Script Hook V

    Credits: Enumerator

    1. Install Scripthookv And Scripthookvdotnet

    2. Put Download Into Your GTA 5 Folder

    Download (7.9 kB)

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